eMarketMD is a leading U.S. technology company providing medical manufacturers, medical interbody device companies, medical suppliers and pharmaceutical companies with direct access to the most important person – the DECISION maker.
These companies as a whole spend billions of dollars each year marketing their products through TV, media and print to healthcare providers and their patients. Lobbying for the physicians time has become more challenging as physicians are faced with increased time restraints. Meals purchased to gain access to the doctor’s time are now met with strict rules and increased regulations aggressively enforced by the federal government. For many companies providing meals in an attempt to get face-to-face time with physicians and healthcare providers is no longer an option.
eMarketMD offers innovative technology enabling companies to market their products and solutions directly to Physicians, PA’s, NP’s, PTs, Administrators and Office Managers, etc. Our services provide companies direct access to decision makers. The technology used each day by healthcare professional is used to deliver your marketing message. Technology such as physician smart phones, electronic health records and emails provide direct access to a specified targeted market. 
Direct marketing campaigns are available to introduce and educate patients on new medications, alternative medical treatments and new medical devices available in the industry. For companies interested in research, patient surveys are available through eMarketMD. Our network offers the largest patient data base in the United States for surveys and marketing research. 
eMarketMD is changing the way healthcare marketing is delivered.