Below are the most common questions and answers regarding the services provided by eMarketMD. For additional questions, please click on CONTACT located at the top right of the screen

Q: How much does eMarketMD charge for its services?

The fees for the services provided by eMarketMD vary depending on the type of service provided, the target market and volume of marketing. Compared to traditional marketing, eMarketMD offer the best value for your marketing investment. Our representatives can analyze your specific marketing needs and provide a detailed proposal and estimated ROI.  

Q: How does eMarketMD deliver my marketing message to Healthcare Providers (Physicians, PA's, NP's, PTs and OT's)?

eMarketMD delivers your marketing message through several types of cutting edge technology. Our strategic relationships provide direct access to the hardware healthcare provider’s use each day in clinic. These healthcare providers are able to view marketing message in the convenience of their clinic. Outside of the clinic, eMarketMD provides access to these healthcare providers via their smart phone. Healthcare providers are utilizing smart phone technology to stay connected to their patient health data. Your marketing message is delivered on the date and time you request. 

Q: Can I target specific specialties of medicine with eMarketMD?

Yes, you are able to request specific specialties of medicine

Q: Can the healthcare provider directly respond to my marketing message?

Yes, the Physician, PA, NP, PT or OT can respond directly to your marketing message.

Q: Can I target my competition such as a competing medications, devices or procedures?

Yes, if you have a specific competitor (such as a competing medication or device) you can target your marketing message towards your competitor’s products. eMarketMD offers multiple platforms for you to convey your marketing messages direct to healthcare providers and patients.

Q: Can I create physician surveys?

Yes, you are able to target physicians and complete surveys.

Q: How does eMarketMD deliver my marketing message to patients?

eMarketMD utilizes a variety of technology to direct your marketing message to patients. Your eMarketMD representative can review the options available.

Q: Can I create specific targeted surveys for patients (specific diagnosis, medications, etc.)?

Yes, you are able to request specific data for your patient surveys. Your target survey may require patients diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, are over 50 years of age and are taking a specific medication.